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I'm RL Sanders. Welcome to my author website. I'm the author of many novels and short stories. I have also written comics, audio dramas, computer games and poetry. My writing has won national competitions, has been featured on the BBC and made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Starting out I primarily concentrated on writing speculative fiction, like science fiction and fantasy. I am now branching into new genres and further developing my readership: I have secured a literary agent to help me achieve this. So please join me on this exciting journey - I invite you to sample my free content, buy my books, join me on social media, contact me through the site and follow the blog. I will be updating it regularly with word of new releases whilst also blogging about culture and creative writing.

The best way to stay in contact is to sign up to my mailing list. Your details will not be shared or your inbox spammed. Every so often, however, you will receive RL Sanders news, previews and free content.

I look forward to sharing the next stage of this creative journey with you. Now, back to writing...


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