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“A talented writer who

understands literature”

Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE, playwright and Artistic Director of the Young Vic


“His writing is very strong,

delivers a lot and is

very effective”

Peter Cox, Redhammer Management and Litopia agent-in-residence 


“Sanders descriptive, elegant prose proves very effective. An author who just seems to get better and better”

SF Book Reviews


"He writes very well"


Carole Blake, Chairman of the judges for BBC 'End of Story' Creative

Writing Competition


"Great tales, well told"

Starburst Magazine


"Inventive and original"

The British Fantasy Society




"A fantastic read, equally dark, tragic, exciting, and gripping" 1

"It’s paced brilliantly, with strong characters and a strong sense of forward motion" 2


"Utterly gripping" 3

"Great story" 4


"A very well crafted tale that twists and turns time and again; repeatedly surprising the reader. Characterisation is also excellent, providing a darkly humorous twist. Strongly recommended" 5 

"The ending was great, it left me thirsty for more!" 6

"What an excellent novel. I loved it. Sanders managed to construct an initially complex, yet at the same intuitive and natural way of telling his story. I am not exaggerating when I say that Sanders has managed to present me with the best-written villain I have seen in years, while still making me root for him to succeed. That takes some serious skill. Sanders’ prose, as usual, felt very colourful and laden with meaning" 7

"I really enjoyed the characters that Sanders brings into the story. Sanders is a good writer, and his ability to carry a story is amazing. Throughout the story, he handles the action and plot advancement really well. There are points where his descriptions capture the moment beautifully and creates amazing mental images." 8

"This book really shines in the dialogue between characters when they interact, Sanders just nails it every time" 9

"A final betrayal that has been building in both books and is mind blowing in just how effective and shattering it is. It caught me by surprise and I have nothing but admiration for Sanders and the fact that he has been playing this out through so many pages" 10

"Great character development and a fun read" 11

"It’s well written, the descriptions are good and the ending is fairly original" 12

"A damned fine novel, interesting, quirky characters and an intriguing insight - all wrapped up in a powerful story" 13


"A tense and action packed story" 14

"All in all, it was a terribly enjoyable read" 15

"An excellent novel" 16

"A well-written book" 17

"This books was fun, exciting, nerve racking and intriguing. You are drawn in to the characters and won’t want to put this book down" 18

" This book kept me chained to its pages until the very end" 19

"A very good book,  found it hard to put it down, a good read from start to finish" 20

"I really loved this book. I found the story engaging and the characters well drawn" 21

"There are some suitably interesting twists at the end, as well. Definitely recommended"  22

"A great read" 23

"I couldn't help but be sucked into this book. I really was glued" 24

"Excellent read by a talented writer. Some strong and compelling characters, a flowing and exciting story, and an absolutely epic ending. Everything you would want"  25

"Great writer" 26

"I think it's a great book with strong characters and a refreshing approach" 27


"Great book, well written, good characters" 28

"Exciting action and compelling characters make for a good read" 29


"An author who has a good understanding of prose alongside dialogue" 30

"Well written, telling a decent story" 31

"It is an excellent read" 32

"This book has strong characters and great action" 33

"I really enjoyed this book and I'd highly recommend it" 34

"A novel that should be read in as few sittings as possible" 35

"Enjoy what Sanders has to offer. He’s an exceptionally skilled writer"  36

"Sanders does an excellent job"  37

"Well worth a read" 38

"This novel was an absolute cracker of a book. Easy to read, hard to put down, it was a great read" 39


"Delivered there in spades. I definitely recommend" 40

"What I loved was the unbridled passion the writer had" 41

"Absolutely loved it. Every chapter had me hanging" 42

"Great book! This book is well written with strong characters. Very well done!" 43

"Good read all around" 44

"It reaches exciting heights and you can't stop until you come to its resolution!!!" 45

"Badass!" 46


"Well worth getting. The story is well crafted. I would still strongly recommend this" 47

"I was hooked" 48

"What a fabulous book!" 49

"Good writer" 50

"A treat" 51

"Engaging and original" 52

"Fascinating" 53

"Well written - excellent" 54

"Gold standard" 55

"An enjoyable foray" 56

"I did like the twist in the ending that I really had not seen coming" 57

"Sanders has done masterful work" 58

"Perfectly orchestrated. Credit where credit is due, Rob Sanders really did a fine job and it was a rather sophisticated novel"  59

"There’s plenty to enjoy here, with some great action-packed set pieces and an overall narrative that plays with our preconceptions"  60

"The story is very well written. Sanders completed the task with aplomb. The book is tense and frantic for large sections - Sanders is very good at keeping the tension. I enjoyed this book a lot" 61

"This was such a gem of a read. The story is absolutely compelling, with gratifying twists and turns, and the characters are intriguing." 62

"I truly adore this novel. A great read. Highly recommended" 63

"Filled to the brim. Great exposition, packed with action and some interesting characters"   64

"You really shouldn't pass this one up" 65

"Very well done and highly enjoyable. Brilliantly done. An excellent read" 66

"It was well done: Interesting characters, a different take. A well-written backdrop. I'd highly recommend it"  67

"I really enjoyed this book. The intricacy of the plot was appealing. Sanders really produced a good work here" 68

"A surprising treat. It has almost everything you want. An interesting and entertaining story" 69

"This was actually really well written. Put a smile on my face" 70

"Extremely entertaining" 71

"A delightfully fresh romp. Very good" 72

"The author really outdid himself"  73

"Sanders is a fine wordsmith. The set pieces are unique, and the prose is fantastic. I can't wait for Sanders' next novel."  74

"A total treat"  75

"Enthralled. The story reads like a rollercoaster ride, and I was enjoying myself all the way to the very end. The situations are well explained and thought out, and the author has done a sterling job" 76


"I found this to be an engaging read. Go ahead and read this book. You won't be let down"  77

"Thought provoking. Add to this a memorable lead character, some great twists. Really presents the reader with a cracking read. Finally add to this a unique storytelling voice and it was a title of high adventure with creative concepts"  78

"Unique and charismatic characters are the background to a complex story full of twists. The main character is great. Not to be missed!" 79

"I bought the book and took it on the very first flight I took after that. I read it cover to cover on the way out, and I re-read it on the way back" 80

"A damn good read"  81

"Awesome. The characters really drew me in"  82

"The story is well written and thought through. There's an integrity of vocabulary and thought that remains at the same high quality throughout — so full marks to the author for that. A fast-paced adventure that took me by surprise by its quality and intelligence. It's very hard to put down"  83

"A real page turner" 84

"Pretty great"  85

"The set pieces work well, and never is it predictable or cliched. A definite winner for me"  86

"The book comes with plenty of twists thrown in as well – which increases the atmosphere and makes the storyline more interesting" 87

"A great read" 88

"Did an outstanding job"  89

"He really pulls it off nicely. Sanders does a fine job in crafting a smart, savvy plot and intriguing characters. It's a very colourful story and I enjoyed it. The characters were interesting. The author's skill at crafting plot, managing pacing and keeping it all flowing were great"  90

"A scintillating, original and captivating read"  91

"Wonderful idea, and nicely executed. A real talent. An excellent read"  92

"The characters are very well realised" 93

"Can weave a tale with the best of them"  94


" It sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down. He did an outstanding job. Sanders knows how to write.  Characters are nuanced and charismatic" 95

"This was an interesting read. A bit of mystery and full of mayhem" 96

" Full of characters and events that stir the blood and will keep you reading. Sanders really shines. An excellent read" 97

"His descriptions are good. He has some good settings and ideas"  98

"The dialogue is crisp and clipped, avoiding cliché and always realistic. Sanders has a gift. He is a confident writer whose prose  is quick-paced and he’s able to draw the reader along with the story (it was very difficult to put this novel down). His prose is very well crafted, often minimalist, but able to convey a great deal – painting just the picture he wants us to see, without over-describing or adding extraneous wordage and exposition. Highly recommended. Thoroughly enjoyable"  99

"A must have book and worth reading" 100

"Sanders' ability to write descriptive prose is really quite impressive "  101

"Cool story. It all comes together in a rich explosion. I could not put this book had me by the short and curlies. Recommended" 102

"Great book"  103

"The characters in this book have been written extremely well. Fascinating reading and surprising plot. A very good book" 104

"A terrific story that kept me riveted until the end" 105

"One of the best representations of the genre. Storm your way through some excellent fiction. You'll love it" 106

"You will definitely enjoy"  107

"Very well written with a style that works fantastically . The characters are excellent and the story pacing is spot on"  108

"Epic story. The characters are excellent. Definitely one of my favourite reads"  109

"An action-packed adventure. Highly recommended"  110

"Well done and believably executed"  111

"The book is full of colourful and intriguing characters" 112

"You will get a kick out this one" 113

"Very nice character development. This is a must have" 114

"Captivating. Enjoyed this book very much"  115


"Well-written, vivid and tense"  116

"Sanders is clearly a good writer. His characterization is really well done and his prose style is readable and intelligent- really flexes his literary acumen. Sanders is a very capable writer"   117

"Enjoyed this book very much"   118

"A very memorable classic cast of characters" 119

"Hooked from start to finish" 120

"Leaves me wanting to read more" 121

"An awesome book! With a great narrative and a fascinating structure. I really enjoyed reading through it. It has an interesting evolution on the characters. It really makes you feel stuff. Great book, I liked it a lot" 122

"Characters themselves are memorable and different, each one having it's own merits. A must read"   123

"Some of the most vivid prose I've ever read"  124

"Great story"  125

"Delightful. A strong sense of narrative. Worth the read" 126

"The usual fiercely intelligent writing from Sanders" 127

"You won't be disappointed" 128

" Interesting and well-written with plenty of action and a frankly cool main protagonist" 129

"Really good story"  130

" Great writer. Great read" 131

"This took an interesting turn. A decent read, the surprise is very cooI. Was not expecting. Enjoyable" 132

"It did not disappoint" 133

"Very high quality"  134

"Excellent. A great read. Highly recommended" 135

"Awesome story"  136

"A damn good read"  137

"The story was gripping"  138

"Sanders has a knack for writing things that don't go as expected. Even knowing that, I wasn't prepared for where this book went!"  139

"Very pleasing read"  140

"Very good and the characters well developed" 141 

"A thoroughly enjoyable, interesting book, which feels fresh and vibrant"  142

"You'll like this book"  143

"An exciting story" 144

"Brilliant book" 145

"Great narrative in an exciting and fast paced book"   146

"A great plot twist another fantastic book"  147

"Brilliant. Loved every minute of this story, a great start. Can't wait till the next one" 148

"Great story and the epic ending will want you hanging and begging for more!" 149

"An excellent book. I simply loved this"  150

"It brought a huge smile to my face, particularly as I savoured the final few pages. I enjoyed it tremendously"  151

"Sanders proved that he is able to weave a great plot and handled well the twists and turns in the narrative and the action" 152 


"Just finished, superb read! Would highly recommend" 153

" I love the way Sanders writes generally, but these were again impressive with their scope and plot arcs"  154

"I loved the book. Can not wait for the second book to come out" 155

"These two books really were great" 156

"I've rarely read a book so harrowing and heartbreakingly character-driven as the first few chapters of this were" 157

"Excellent world building aside, the strength of any book is always its characters and this book delivers"  158

"Great story.  Well-written action and great descriptions" 159

"Highly recommend this one" 160

"A great pair of stories. Well written"  161

"Action packed. Fast paced. Worth reading" 162

"This is a really well written book. I love the detailed description" 163

"Amazing book" 164

"One would be hard pressed to find a better compilation"  165

"Found this a good read. Decent. Would recommend as it is a well written story" 166

"Sanders does a really good job. These are well-crafted, enjoyable books which do a really good job. Definitely worth the read" 167

"Loved this book. 100% recommended" 168


"Loved the flow of the book, interesting characters and epic, what's not to like?" 169

"Another fantastic book" 170

"Awesome story" 171

"Exhilarating. A book of twists and turns. Absolutely loved"  172

"Another stunning book. Simply awesome" 173

"Good book. Solid story. Highly recommended"  174

"Smart, tight storytelling, a rip-roaring pace. It’s a great, exciting story. Thoroughly enjoyable" 175

"Well written. Sanders has chops" 176

"I read this book in one sitting. It is a blast. The book was a ride with so many highs and lows. This was an excellent read"  177

"It does not disappoint, fast paced with good characters. I enjoyed it"  178

"I really enjoyed the story and the writing is very well done" 179

"A delightful read" 180

"A spellbinding read. Pulled it off. Really well done. "  181

"Memorable places and populating them with interesting characters.  I loved the scope and scale of everything. Highly enjoyable. A pretty great entry with a really cool reveal"  182

"Solid action, memorable characters and a genuine threat, all make a great story" 183


"Tight, fast paced action. Memorable, complex characters" 184

"Sanders has done a fantastic job. The structure works brilliantly, the different viewpoints providing a range of outlooks on what’s happening. In a short space of time Sanders sets her character up beautifully, with a conflicted backstory that adds real pathos to her arc. This is a different level entirely. This is powerful stuff, full of everything you expect and provides a full-strength shot of action, intrigue and excitement"  185

"A prose powerhouse. A deft wordsmith, and his masterful usage of figurative language is the best. The world-building here is impeccable. The action is plentiful, and well-choreographed. The dialogue is sharp and the plot sharply paced" 186

"The opening chapter had me amazed"  187

"Hell, yes! This book is devastating, but it is so good that the chief complaint anyone could possibly make is "it's too short"  188

"Fun to read. Enjoyed a great deal" 189

"Sanders Definitely one of the best" 190

"Oh man what a read!  I couldn't set it down. Coupling the action with how personal the story was, and the how well crafted. A damn good story.  Just phenomenal. The smaller plotlines really stole the show though. They were truly thrilling, and those are the plots that I really can't wait to see! Damn good stuff from Mr. Sanders, I'm still shocked and awed at how personal he made the stories!"  191

"Very well written. A very good book" 192

"The story is interesting, the action entertaining"  193

"This book is great fun" 194

"Good writing"  195

"Extraordinary"  196

"Good characters"  197

"Really cool" 198

"Strong book. Reels me in"  199

"Really impressed with this book" 200

"Devious plotting and  a frantic breakneck paced read that will leave you shell shocked and dying for more"  201

"This is just brilliant. I could not put it down and stayed up much later then I should have to finish it.  Sanders has truly created a masterclass story. Highly recommended"  202

"I loved it. So rewarding and revealing. Excellent read"  203

"Once again, a great novel"  204

"Well paced and keeps you interested"  205

"The book is well-written. Sanders is a great wordsmith"  206

"Has almost everything – drama, action, epic stratagems and even adventure. Sanders being the talent he is hits all of his writing goals" 207

"I particularly enjoy the nice writing style"  208

"The master, Sanders, is back at work"  209

"A thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable book"  210

"Well written and very enjoyable"  211

"It is fast paced, and the action is intense. A great book" 212

"This story is gorgeously plotted" 213

"Very nice. I liked everything about this. Very well executed. An excellent read from the very start to the bitter end" 214

"The plot of this story was pretty awesome. Another one of my favourites" 215

"This is a wonderfully written, delivered, and planned piece of work. From outset, to completion, this is great stuff. An excellent story "  216

"An absolutely exceptional read, as it has everything you'd expect. Action, great characters and twists and turns a plenty from beginning to end. Definitely one of the best I have read"  217

" It’s a gripping, engaging story, that’s refreshingly different to what we’ve seen before" 218

"A story that is both fantastically written and an excellent insight. A perfect example of a short story done right. It's fast paced, dynamic and fully engages the reader. I seriously advise you to give this lovely piece a try"  219

"An excellent short story. Wicked" 220

"An imaginative, well-written story with strong characters" 221

"Damn was that a good read! There was a ton of great stuff in here. Sanders did a damn good job on this one" 222

"Great action, creepy atmosphere" 223

"Really nice short story"  224

"An excellent short story that I enjoyed"  225

"It's fast and intense. A great short story"  226

"Sanders pens this short very well; one of his best skills is delivering rich detail through brief, figurative terms. A most enjoyable story"  227

"Good story. I enjoyed this read and would recommend it" 228

"Great story. Lovely!"  228

"Worth a read for those who like a bit of a change of pace and some subtlety" 229

"Amazing short story" 230

"Great character development. A fun story"  231

"Sanders grabs you by the throat and runs all the way" 232


"Sanders is great at spinning a cinematic tale, and if this was a movie, it would be a Hollywood blockbuster. Great stuff" 233 

"This is a great story. It kept me gripped from start to finish"  234

"I really did like this. It was cool" 235

"Very good. Loved it. Another great story" 236

"It’s a typically well thought out Sanders story, enjoyable"  237

"Good sequel. Loved the ending. Left me craving more" 238

"Narratively it’s a sharp, clever tale with a nice blend of action and intrigue" 239

"I am liking the work of Sanders more and more, because unlike most authors, you never know quite what you are going to get. If Sanders was the money or the box, you would always go for the box" 240

"It's a fantastic experience, trying to guess what new, dastardly ploy will our heroes use to gain the upper hand over their rivals. Sanders never loses the tempo and tension of this story, and that's why it is such a great read. What can I say? I love this story. Every, single part of it just oozed atmosphere and could be found on every page of this masterful work"  


"Start to finish, the story is a roller-coaster ride that refuses to end" 242

"One of the best and brightest" 243

"Well worth a read. The pace and tension builds as the story progresses" 244

"A cinematic thrill ride.  It’s certainly a page turner. He captures the various elements of the setting perfectly, it’s exciting and epic" 245


"Well written and tightly focused"  246


"It's a fantastic read" 247

"Brilliant. A great experience" 248

"Excellent - even on a second read" 249

"This is a brilliant story. I never tire of reading it" 250

"Absolutely brilliant. A must read" 251

"A gripping tale with an amazing twist" 252

"The story was told perfectly, the characterisation was awesome and the twist, oh man, I did not see that coming!"  253

"Wins hand down. Sanders writes an enigmatic tale of double-crosses, fratricide, and subterfuge"  254

"A truly stellar piece of writing" 255

"Impressed with Sanders' writing. Highly enjoyable" 256

"Really awesome stuff" 257

"Sanders' writing will keep you reading" 258

"Sanders serves a strong tale" 259

"The incomparable Sanders. The best"  260

"Sanders' story was deceiving and well plotted; the ending was superb" 261

"An exciting and engaging story"  262

"Towers head and shoulders above the others" 263

"Fantastic and well worth a read" 264

"This book is worth every word" 265

"Incredible"  266

"Hooked"  267

"Amazing"  268

"Good read. Well written and genuinely exciting"  269

"Addictive plot and gorgeous book" 270

"Stupendous 271

"Very well written"  272

"Ten out of ten. A masterpiece" 273

"A fantastic job. By far my favourite" 274

"The characters in this story are just the best"  275

"A really gripping tale. Great stuff"  276

"Love it. Damn this was a great book" 277

"A ten out of ten for Rob Sanders, I hope much more from him going forward" 278

"Utter brilliance. It’s an amazing short story, and to me, this was the highlight" 279

"This book had some truly exciting characters. Favourite tale"" 280

"Anything by Sanders is a day one buy for me"  281

"Excellent. Worth it"   282

"The best story in the collection. Well written. Great unexpected ending"  283

"Hands down the best story in the book. Just so enjoyable!" 284

"Fun and filled with action and great moments. Very good. The best of the bunch"  285

"A gem!"  286

"Fantastic short story!"  287

"Tense story. Really enjoyed"  288

"Beautifully written" 289

"My highlight. I'm absolutely taken by how well they seem to be written. Fab story. Kept maniacally giggling because of how much fun it was" 290

"A glorious story" 291

"An awesome epic tale. Great, unforgettable characters. Just one of the best short stories ever" 292


"The story was amazing. Truly a great piece of writing" 293

"I truly love the character. This is him at his peak, and Sanders delivers a masterful exposition. Incredible" 294

"Loved it. The final page is perfect" 295

"A thoroughly entertaining story"  296

"A characterful story" 297

"Sanders sums this up beautifully in this short story298

"Enjoy it I did. The very talented Sanders brings a flair for vivid imagery" 299

"Compelling writing. Efficiently written and engaging"  300

"This was a very good story. Sanders does a great job of bringing these characters to life, and adding just a shade of black humour to certain events. The end was very good, too" 301 

"Very viscerally satisfying"  302

"A great offering" 303

"A very good tale"  304

"Sanders has done a fantastic job. He tells a gripping tale that left me wanting more" 305

"Amazing short story. Awesome" 306

"Atmospheric and intense" 307

"Super. Great imagery"  308

"A story well told309

"A strong, really well written, evocative story with all the hallmarks of a great tale - how good this is. Engaging, satisfying and really enjoyable to read"  310

"The narrative is well worth it. Beautiful" 311

"Sanders brilliantly evokes an atmosphere of desperation, mistrust, and frantic activity"  312

"An high-tension thrilling story by Sanders that really entertains you from the start to the end" 313

"Very fun story and I look forward to seeing more"  314

"A really cool story" 315

"Fresh and interesting" 316

"An adrenaline-filled action-packed tale" 317

"Hot damn was that a good read! A pure rush of adrenaline that kept me at the edge of my seat!"  318

"A great story of redemption"  319

"Sanders does an excellent job"   320

"A very nice read" 321

"Good short story" 322

"Fantastic story. Fresh and fast paced" 323

"A rollicking, violent and bloody effort from Sanders" 324

"This was a really good read well paced and action packed from being to end"  325

"Sanders builds a vivid picture"  326

"The story was absolutely fantastic and the plot itself worked exceptionally well. 
Overall, a great story. Fast paced action with strong world and character building" 327

"No-holds-barred. A delight that shackles the attention from beginning to end" 328

"Another excellent story from Sanders" 328

"Great short story" 329

"A decent tale - a shot in the arm" 330

"Sanders can certainly write. He sets his scenes well and manages to build characters quickly"  331

"It’s an interesting, enjoyable story written to Sanders’ usual high standards" 332

"A well written story"  333

"A delightfully bleak plot full of betrayal and revenge. Sanders revels in the gruesome details and vividly-drawn action" 334

"Sanders hit those spots really quite well, making the protagonist relatable and sympathetic, even in his misdeeds. It really made me care" 335

"Very good pace, descriptions and an atmosphere of palpable tension" 336

"A very good novel. A great mix of charismatic characters, dilemmas, and grim realities" 337

"A great, dark tale" 338

"Excellent story" 339

"There is some great, blistering action going on here, bolstered by Sanders' trademark rich descriptions and cinematic style" 340

"The story is enjoyable. It's got a good ending and enough action to keep it rolling" 341


"Taking the crown, however, has to be Sanders. Wonderfully written and defined by atmosphere, horror and voice. With characters well realised within the limited page space it manages to be genuinely creepy. And what an ending!"  342

"A very good story" 343

"Well written and engaging" 344

"Some real great highlights in this tale, the setting is great and made me feel claustrophobic and the threat is terrifying. Another great short story" 345

"A great story with a heavy dose of mystery and suspense" 346

"Really good story"  347

"The story evolves into a very good, claustrophobic tale " 348

"Sanders was brilliant" 349

"A particularly well realised piece of writing. The characters are developed exceptionally well within the limited parameters of the form and the genuine atmosphere of horror and primal fear that Sander’s cultivates has left me with a gnawing hunger for more of his work"  350

"A very interesting short, more akin to a work of horror than I am used to in the action, but still just as good. I am finding that I am really enjoying Sanders' work" 351

"Stole the show. Hands down the best short story" 352

"Enjoyed. Found most thrilling"  353

"Hands down the best story" 354

"Pretty cool story" 355

"The ending was great on many levels. An enjoyable and thrilling story that surprised me at many points" 356

"This novel is by far one of the best I have read. It sucks you in. I also liked the originality of the story" 357

"Brutally inventive. His pacing is almost preternaturally precise - the character beats interspersed between swathes of brutal violence are exceptionally well done. It is fiction of outstanding creativity and excitement"  358

"A great read. The story was excellent" 359

"Sanders is clearly a good writer. His characterization is really well done and his prose style is readable and intelligent"  360

"Some interesting twists and turns, and all in all, is an entertaining read" 361

"One of the most impressive aspects of this book was the attention to detail in regards to settings and characters. Sanders excels at placing the reader. The book won me over with its vivid settings and characters"  362

"As always, Sanders’ strengths lie in strong language skills, and vivid, colourful descriptions. His descriptions jump off of the page, such is their realism. There are also some truly thrilling action scenes present here: hectic and fast-paced” 363


"He has a particular talent for broad and sweepingly cinematic prose, and he delivers in spades" 364

"Sanders has proven himself to be a descriptive writer without equal whose words stretch the boundaries of prose and occasionally tap-dance into the realm of poetry. His ability to paint a visceral, heart-pounding picture with words is second to none" 365

"Sanders delivers character-driven prose sprinkled liberally with mouth-watering action at a relentless, unforgiving pace that pulls you into the story and doesn't let go. I enjoyed this book immensely. A brilliant piece of work that should see him thoroughly ensconced in the bestseller lists for the foreseeable future (he's hit the New York Times bestsellers list recently). And there will be more books from Sanders, so watch this space..."  366

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